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by 1 in Event 26 February 2021

Batibouw is not exempt from the restrictions under the new measures. As an alternative, the fair is switching to a digital formula. Due to the COVID, meeting you physically at Batibouw is unfortunately not possible this year. But don't worry, anyone with building or renovation projects can visit the brand new digital platform where you can gather all kinds of information, talk to various exhibitors and much more! Batibouw still sees a role for this platform after 2021, as a digital addition to the face-to-face fair.

Batibouw goes digital

Batibouw 2021 will be held online via a digital platform where all the exhibitors, including Softub Wellness, will be located. You will be able to walk from one stand to another and discover all the exhibitors' files from your home.

These interactions between exhibitors and visitors will be possible during the entire duration of the exhibition and the information of professionals will remain available on the online platform until the end of March.

Need inspiration to bring a touch of originality and comfort to your home, getting a spa at home is no longer considered a luxury item, it has become advisable with all the changes we have experienced with the health crisis, adapting to it and being at the top, lifting the private and professional chalenges requires to have a wellness and health space at home, this is made possible with the Softub spa.

Reasons to visit our virtual stand


Come and see what's new at Softub and talk to our team to help you plan your own home. Batibouw is of course the ideal moment to discover and discuss the latest products and services. You can ask our team all your questions online and get the answers you need. Without revealing everything, we can already tell you that our virtual stand will be offering you many nice gifts.

Our news from Batibouw 2021

We have reviewed and adapted our physical presence for this new format. In this period of pandemic, barrier gestures are taking over from physical meetings.
You will not feel alone in front of your screen, our team will do its best to accompany and advise you. Many new products will be presented to you this year, in particular the two new fars products.

  • The new Softub "Portico
  • The new Waermegrad outdoor sauna modules

Here is some information about these two products:

The new Softub "Portico

The latest model in the Softub range, the Portico features the Portico Jet turbo system and can accommodate up to 6 people. The whirlpool jet creates a true whirlpool experience combined with a stronger than usual flow to provide the ultimate massage experience.

The Portico is our latest model, combined with 3 different jet stations, the Portico offers a reclining seat design that gives you the ability to sit upright in your therapy station, while still allowing you to fully enjoy our popular barrier-free soaking experience.

This model combines the new SynTex™ marine grade vinyl and full jet station control with the most powerful hydrojet in the industry. This jet is specifically designed for people who want an acute, high pressure massage on specific targeted aches and pains. Equipped with LED lights and an extremely durable SynTex surround, the portable unit will be an indispensable addition to your home and family life.

Outdoor sauna Waermegrad

Treat yourself to a unique place to relax. The feeling of cosy warmth and the smell of high-quality wood combine in your Wärmegrad® sauna for complete pleasure. Whether as a turnkey outdoor sauna with a view of nature or as an individual indoor sauna to match your bathroom - Wärmegrad® saunas based on the Scandinavian model open up a whole new space for relaxation. Alone, as a couple or with the whole family.

Atmosphere is all about details. That's why the relaxation room in our design module L welcomes you immediately after delivery with interior fittings with elegant living accessories: curved candleholders and elegant lights provide atmospheric lighting. A soft blanket and thick pillows invite you to relax.

Soft towels and books on the shelf provide comfort. So you'll feel welcome right from the start!

The event will be open from Saturday 27 February to Sunday 7 March from 10 am to 7 pm. There will also be an evening event on Thursday 4 March until 9 pm. Apply now for our exclusive Batibouw 2021 offer by registering on this page.(Batibouw 2021 conditions)

Our team will be proud to present the best in comfort, therapy and design!

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