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Softub spa water treatment

  1. Why and when to test the water in the softub spa?

    We advise you to test the water in your softub once or twice a week.

    In addition, after use with several people (family, friends, ....)

  2. What is ph?

    This is the concentration of hydrogen ions in water. It varies on its scale from 0 to 9 on testers. Water is said to be neutral when its ph level is equal to 7. Above 7, the water is alkaline or basic and below 7, it is acidic. In a spa, the ideal ph level is 7.2 to 7.6.

    This is a very important element for the quality of your water. It is very difficult to have good water without adjusting the ph.

    The products (ph + and ph-) are available on our e-shop.

  3. What is flocculation?

    A process which, by means of a chemical agent, enables colloidal substances suspended in water, often responsible for its turbidity, to be collected into flakes that can be absorbed by the filter.

    The flocculant (clearwater) is available in our e-shop.

  4. Why chlorine disinfection?

    Since 1986, despite the evolutions and changes, we still recommend a minimum of chlorine in our spas.

    Chlorine should be added to the water after use to eliminate pollution and bacteria brought in by the human body during massage in the spa.

    There is therefore no nuisance to the user.

  5. Why, when and how to change the water in the softub spa?

    Over time (number of uses and accumulation of products), the water in the spa becomes saturated and it becomes difficult to keep it clear and clean.

    Now it's time to change the water. An easy marker: the water starts to foam when you put on the jets.

  6. Why act against limescale?

    Limescale builds up and clogs the motor, pipes and roughens the surface of your spa.

    It is best to anticipate this by applying the necessary products that prevent limescale from developing.

    The metal clean product (starter scale remover) and the defense product (weekly scale remover) are available in our e-shop.

    If your spa is already suffering from limescale build-up, we recommend that you contact our technical department at contact@softub-wellness.lupourfor advice or an appointment.

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