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Softub Legend 11/2020

Model: Softub Legend 

Couleur : Moka et intérieur pearl.

Capacity: 3-4 people

4 massage positions.

Outside diameter: 180 cm

Inside diameter: 150 cm

Engine/tank height: 69/61 cm

Thermal cover

Total weight filled 962 kg

1 LED lamp with light therapy program

Water capacity: 830 L

Number of jets: 5

Required electrical specifications: 220v/240v - 50 hz, 6A
Maximum power consumption: 900 w

At the current electricity rate it costs less than 1€ per day for year round use, which is 4 to 5 times less than another type of spa!

Une prise ‘classique suffit’ le cordon du moteur est équipé d’un différentiel 10mA
Spa de novembre 2020.

Showroom model like new, impeccable.
Visible by appointment.

Garantie : 1 an.
Prix: 5500€ TVAC (au lieu de 8490€, prix neuf)

Transport/delivery not included

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