Bubble bath, Jacuzzi, whirlpool or Spa... so many advantages!

One household is looking for a spa, another will want to order a jacuzzi. One person prefers a whirlpool and another a bubble bath... The detail that escapes these households and people is that they want the same thing.

The Softub bubble bath can also be placed outside as it is easily movable

Perhaps only the jacuzzi refers to the pool that is filled with water and produces a whirlpool effect, the rest being called fitness. However, all these names are synonymous.

The spa stands for Sanus Per Aquam - literally translated as healthy through water. Indeed, many have found benefits in this practice. This is precisely what motivated Softub Wellness to develop its bubble bath concept.

A bubble bath for a therapeutic massage

Activate your water-filled Jacuzzi so that the bubbles combine with the water jets to gently massage your muscles. This will stimulate your blood circulation and help eliminate toxins. This is known ashydrotherapy. The bubble bath and its benefits have made many people happy. In particular, the foot bubble bath relieves pain caused by arthritis in the ankle. Softub spas are developed using state-of-the-art technology that gives you the freedom to adjust and direct the water jets as desired. A programme is integrated into the system. It allows you to tailor your bath to the effect you want from your fitness session.

Relaxing with a Softub spa

Would you like to relax at home, alone or in pairs, in your house or in the garden? You can get the Softub Spa. Its whirlpool bath will not only massage you but also relax you. Insomniacs can get back to sleep thanks to the warm water. They don't have to wait until the evening to enjoy the result. As the Softub does not make any noise, even when it bubbles out, it is soothing. The spa owes its quietness to the built-in Whisper technology.

The portability of the Softub bubble bath

Installation of a bubble bath or spa by Softub

At Softub Wellness, we have thought about the possibility of using the pool in every corner of your beautiful property, both inside your home and outside in your garden, surrounded by greenery. Your outdoor whirlpool will be even more relaxing. Softub's lightweight spas are easy to install. They are designed for mobility. All you need is a power outlet and a garden hose to power them.

The Hydromate technology, which combines the pump and the heating system into one system, recovers the heat energy from the motor and uses it to heat the filtered water. The result is that the energy consumed is reduced to an absolute minimum.

This innovative property is one of the strengths of Softub, which is the world leader in heat recovery technology.

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