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  1. How and why should you choose your softub spa?

    How many models exist? for how many people? and the volume of water per model?

    Three sizes of softub spas are available:

    • Sportster with a diameter of 150cm, 530L, 2 persons.
    • Legend with a diameter of 180 cm, 830L, 4 persons.
    • Resort with a diameter of 200 cm, 1130L, 5 to 6 persons.

    On request, our sales team can provide you with a drawing of each model.

  2. What colours are available?

    The Softub is available in 8 exterior colours

    Almond, camel, mocca, charcoal, sapphire blue, green forest, port and graphite.

    and 2 interior colours: blue and pearl.

  3. What is the softub spa made of?

    The softub spa consists of three elements: the tub, the removable technical unit for any maintenance service (hydromate) and the insulating cover with access security code.

    The Softub is neither inflatable, nor is it a preformed acrylic structure. It is made of a polyethylene foam in which each layer is rolled and polymerised together to obtain a light, highly insulating structure that is resistant to the weight of water and people.

  4. Is the softub spa easy to install?

    Yes, the installation of the Softub does not require any special construction or equipment.

    The Softub is delivered in 3 parts (Basin / Technical block / Cover). It is light, with a maximum height of 69 cm, so it can be easily fitted through standard doors.

    Place, connect the hydromat to the pool, then proceed to fill it with a garden hose. Once the spa is filled, plug it into a standard 6A socket with 30 map differential protection. Usually a single person can install a Softub in about 15-20 minutes.

    Better than words, we invite you to watch the installation video accessible via the following link: Installation of a Softub Spa.

  5. What is recommended and what is needed to install a softub spa?
    The softub is very easy to install:
    • A support to accommodate the spa (terrace, concrete support or screed with false grass, ...)
    • A standard socket outlet (no electrical transformation necessary) We can provide you with a differential socket outlet for a few dozen euros if your socket outlet is not protected;
    • A garden hose connected to the city water supply.
  6. Is the softub spa safe for children?

    Your spa cover is rigid and can normally withstand the weight of a child up to 5 years old and is equipped with 4 clips with a two-digit code to prevent opening without adult approval.

  7. Is the softub spa easily accessible?

    With a height of 60 or 69 cm, the softub is not very high and is therefore easy to step over to get into the water.

    It's even easier if you equip your softub with a step.

    For people with reduced mobility, the softub is also very easy.

  8. Is the softub spa easily portable?
    The tank of a softub spa weighs a maximum of 60 kg for the largest model and can roll on the floor. You can put it in the garden in summer and in the veranda in winter or in a converted garage. Better than words, we invite you to watch the installation video accessible via the following link: Installation of a Softub Spa.
  9. What is the average power consumption of a softub spa per month?

    The Softub has been designed to be the most energy efficient of any spa on the market. An ingenious, patented heat exchange process allows your Softub spa to heat and maintain the temperature of your water without a heater 24 hours a day. Without a heater of 1.5 to 6 KW as on traditional spas, free of the problems caused by an electrical resistance in contact with hard water, your Softub operates on a classic 6A plug at the lowest cost. Electricity costs should vary between 12 and 18 euros/month depending on the climate, the season, the water temperature and the use of your Softub spa. This estimate takes into account a clean spa with proper water treatment.

  10. What is the guarantee offered on the softub spa?

    The softub spa is guaranteed for 2 years against any manufacturing defect or defect in a component of the spa.

  11. Can I buy an extended warranty?
    Softub does not offer an extended warranty. 
    We recommend that you have your hydromate serviced every two years to check the condition of your engine and to change parts that have become worn through use. This will keep your Softub in good condition over time.
  12. In case of breakdown, is there a technical service? Are parts in stock?

    Yes, of course. We have been importing the softub spa range since 2006.

    We have all the stock parts and technical expertise to help throughout the life of your softub spa.

    In case of stock shortage, the delay is quite short. We can also provide customers with courtesy engine blocks (hydromats).

    Our technical service is at your disposal for any questions.

  13. Where can I find the serial numbers to register my warranty on the softub website?
    • Either on your purchase invoice
    • Either on the packaging of your spa
    • Or via our sales department which can return them to you
    • Either on your spa, but this is the most complicated, it is easier to consult us.

    We advise you to read the operating instructions and the water treatment instructions carefully in order to comply with them.

    The recommendations are there to help you enjoy your spa with peace of mind.

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