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Delivery & Maintenance

Discover our packages for the delivery and maintenance of your Softub.

Delivery of your Softub

Delivery only
The spa with or without enclosure is delivered to the customer's doorstep by a carrier or by our services directly, depending on the case.
Spa + Installation without furniture
Delivery of your hot tub with installation and explanations with walk-on or new port stepper.
Spa + Installation with furniture
Delivery of your spa with installation and explanations, valid for all types of surroundings.
Delivery with installation includes:

Installing your Softub

This includes :
  • Delivery of the spa with its installation on the already made support
  • Filling assistance
  • Assembly of the surround or accessories (if included in the order)
  • Start-up with explanations of the different products and maintenance precautions
To carry out this work, the client provides :
  • a city water supply with hose to fill the spa
  • a socket outlet protected by a 10 A circuit breaker and a 30 mA earth leakage switch
  • a suitable stand to install the spa *.
  • the correct power supply to power the spa *
except where provided for in the softub sales contract

Maintenance of your Softub

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