What is the term "hot tub"?

A hot tub is a hot water bath with a rigid tub with holes through which water mixed with air is propelled. The air holes, called nozzles, are strategically placed on the tub to effectively massage the person inside.
The effect of the air coming out of the nozzles forms bubbles, which is why it is called a bubble bath, jacuzzi or Nordic bath.
The power of the hydromassage jets, which are powered by hydraulic pumps, can be adjusted according to the desired effect.

The advantage of a hard spa over an inflatable spa is that it is more durable and also more elegant in the garden or in a room in the house.

A family is playing in the hot tub, Softub and a little girl is sitting on the tub

Who is behind this invention?

This massaging system was invented by Roy Jacuzzi in 1968. The name refers to the Jacuzzi, also known as a whirlpool, which can be found in aquatic centres and wellness centres.

The different applications of a hot tub

Outdoor spas

Softub outdoor spas allow you to enjoy your outdoor space while giving yourself a moment of pleasure. Day or night, you can use your jacuzzi, which adapts to all your desires.

Outdoor spas are designed to blend in with your surroundings and withstand the vagaries of the weather. The water temperature remains constant regardless of the season or the weather outside.

Ideally,the outdoor spa should be installed under a protective structure, such as a windbreak or an arbor, so that it can be used comfortably all year round.

Indoor spas

Do you have an unused room or space in your home? Take this opportunity to install an indoor spa.
Thanks to the well-designed Softub spa models and their easy installation, you can enjoy the hydromassage and relaxation benefits of their jets in the warmth of your home.

With the Softub range of models, it is easy to choose the one that fits perfectly in your room layout.
it will be important to provide a good ventilation system to evacuate the humidity generated by the whirlpool activity.

The advantages of a hard spa

  • Le spa est une façon ingénieuse de combiner bien-être et convivialité. En fonction de sa taille, vous pouvez en profiter seul ou à plusieurs et partager un moment unique et agréable.
  • Taking a bubble bath promotes the release of endorphins, the ultimate pleasure hormone! It naturally reduces pain and gives a real feeling of well-being.
  • Floating in the water relieves the joints and combats rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Hot water jet massages relieve muscle tension, softening the muscles and have a relaxing effect on the whole body.
  • The blood circulation is energised, promoting the elimination of toxins, the regeneration of the skin and its tone.
  • The functioning of the organs and the immune system is stimulated.
  • Your skin will be more beautiful too, because the heat of the bath will help to cleanse dead skin.
  • All the internal and external dynamism caused by the action of the jets and the hot water, helps to fight against stress and nervous tension.
  • The quality of sleep is improved. The body and mind are calmed.
  • The many benefits of the spa can be enhanced by using natural ingredients such as essential oils, natural essences or sea salts.
  • The bubble bath brings many benefits to both your daily life and your body as a whole. Long-term care is encouraged by its accessibility and reasonable cost.

Buying a hot tub: Introduction to the Softub range

Softub offers four models of hot tubs that are flexible and comfortable:

The Sportster model

It is recommended for one or two people and is ideal for small spaces. It can be installed on a small terrace or balcony. The diameter is 150 cm and the empty weight is 23 kg.

The Legend model

This model is suitable for relaxing with family and friends. Its capacity allows it to accommodate up to four people. It is nevertheless light and easy to move thanks to its size and ergonomics. Its diameter is 180 cm and its empty weight is 32 kg.

The Resort Model

Larger than its predecessor at two metres in diameter, the Resort model seats up to six. The number of jets is also greater, with seven.

The Portico model

This latest model, with six seats, offers a more effective relaxing and massaging action. It adds the Poseidon jet system, the most powerful on the market, to the six hydromassage jets already present, and offers a large bench. It offers four adjustable massage programs and the possibility of choosing to intensify or distribute the massage effect throughout the spa.

Softub's range of hot tubs allows you to choose the options that interest you and to choose the one that best suits your daily life. On this page you will find a comparison of the Softub range.

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