Built-in spa: advantages and disadvantages

The built-in spa is the ultimate in all types of spa (portable, inflatable or swim spa). This type of spa can be permanently installed both indoors and outdoors, and differs from the others in that it requires extensive work (masonry, electrical connections) to install. Although the most popular model is the round built-in spa, there are many different shapes, sizes, etc. Isn't the most important thing the relaxation moments? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. The most important thing is to choose the right spa for maximum happiness. 

Advantages and disadvantages of the built-in spa 

Whether it is made of stone, concrete, wood, synthetic, etc., or whether it is square, rectangular or round, the built-in whirlpool has many advantages over other prototypes. Of all the models, this jacuzzi is the oldest. It is also the one that can be used for private or institutional hydrotherapy treatments. In addition, the in-ground spa is also the most aesthetically pleasing and hygienic model of all. 

Round built-in spa in a building

Whether it is used as an outdoor built-in spa or a bathroom spa, it gives the home a luxurious feel. In terms of practicality, it is easy to use, especially the access to the interior, which does not require a step. In terms of maintenance, since it has no exterior, it is easy to clean. Also, it seems quieter and therefore allows for quiet relaxation. 

As for the disadvantages of the built-in spa, as already mentioned, its installation requires major masonry or electrical work. Another disadvantage is that the built-in Jacuzzi requires more space for its installation. On average, you will need between 3 and 9m2, not forgetting that you will need to leave an extra 60cm of space around it for access and movement. In addition, the use of a hot tub involves significant energy costs. Another disadvantage of the built-in spa is that it is not transportable. It is therefore not possible to move it.  

Why choose the round built-in spa? 

The choice of a round built-in spa is mainly based on aesthetic requirements. In addition to the traditional advantages of a spa, i.e. relaxation and well-being, the round model is also aesthetically pleasing. The round built-in model is a highly decorative and beneficial added value for the home. This spa shape is the very expression of elegance, voluptuousness and luxury. In addition, the Softub has the advantage of being easy to install. 

In addition to this aesthetic advantage, there is also a significant functional aspect. In addition to being able to adapt to any space, this model of spa has the advantage of taking up very little space. So, whether you decide to enjoy moments of relaxation inside or outside the house, you can easily fit it in a bathroom, inside a bedroom to make a bedroom spa insert, or install it on a terrace for those who want a terrace spa insert. All in all, the round, fully recessed or semi-recessed hot tub is suitable as an indoor or outdoor hot tub. Here as there, the hydromassage will soothe and relieve stress.

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