Why install an outdoor spa?

The indoor spa is suitable for people who want a private relaxation space and requires good ventilation in the room. The outdoor spa is more for people who want to share special moments with family and friends.

Presentation of the Softub outdoor spa in the garden and on a terrace

A place of external calm

With the Softub outdoor spa, creating a pleasant place in your garden where you can take a break is within your reach. The soothing outdoor environment coupled with the natural and therapeutic benefits, made possible by Softub's innovative technologies, will help you disconnect from a sometimes stressful day.

You don't need to travel miles to clear your mind and body, but simply enjoy the spa on your balcony or in your garden.

A moment for yourself available all year round

A man and a little girl enjoy their softub spa in winter

Thanks to its high weather resistance and patented fabrics, the Softub Hard Spa can be enjoyed all year round. Whether it's snowing or you want to watch the starry sky, the water temperature is adjustable and you can enjoy a unique experience with your outdoor spa at any time.

In winter, the hot-cold contrast is stimulating, as in the Scandinavian rituals with their Nordic bath. They wake up their bodies by alternating a bath in icy water with a bath in very hot water.
Relaxation moments are even more appreciated in winter to ease muscular tensions and to warm up.

A silent spa

The Whisper technology is innovative, as it helps to optimise and recycle the heat generated by the pump. This system allows Softub to offer the quietest spa on the market, reducing the number of decibels to a mere whisper. So you don't disturb your neighbours with noise and you can enjoy a quiet moment of relaxation in your outdoor spa on the balcony or terrace.

An ideal and constant temperature

A simple adjustable thermostat keeps the water at the right temperature 24 hours a day to give you the freedom to use it whenever you feel like it or need it. Ideally, it should be placed in a strategic and easily accessible location.

The cost of a spa is reasonable

The Softub Spa installed outside under a balcony

Unlike a swimming pool, a spa is cheaper to buy and maintain. It doesn't require extensive work over several weeks, but simply a fifteen-minute installation on a flat surface near an electrical outlet.
You can thus transform your terrace, garden, balcony or poolside into a temple of well-being.

Environmentally friendly technology

Softub is aware of the environmental impact of this type of installation and offers three patented systems for environmentally friendly spa use.

1) Low energy consumption

The Softub system called "Hydromate" is patented, as it is an energy efficient system that heats the water with the natural heat released by the pump. The thermal heat is thus recovered and put to good use, without the need for an additional water heater.

The running costs are lower, compared to a conventional spa, and there are no nasty surprises with a higher electricity bill. Power consumption is reduced to 1 kWh/h. The spa is plugged into a simple electrical outlet to operate normally and give you the benefit of all its features.

2) Simplified maintenance

Finally, the last Softub technology called "Ozonator" purifies the water twice a day, minimising the use of treatment products. The water can be changed only five to six times a year.

The outdoor spa is accessible all year round and adapts to your desires, as well as being economical thanks to its low energy consumption. Whether you are alone, in a duo, with your family or with your friends, the well-being interlude will be convivial and beneficial for all.

3) Guaranteed safety

The Softub range of spas are CE certified and safe for use.

Bubble baths have a thermal cover that protects them from external pollution and prevents the water from evaporating.

Accessibility is limited by the straps on the cover, which prevent unauthorised entry by children for example. The four-point locking system allows the spa to be secured with an access code.

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