Hydrotherapy, An ancestral custom

The desire to bathe in high-temperature water dates back to the first civilizations that discovered the virtues of natural hot springs and their benefits. They spring up from the ground after being heated in the depths of the earth, some to over 40 degrees, and form natural pools accessible for bathing.

There are natural springs listed in several countries: in Iceland, New Zealand, Hungary, etc. However, not all of us are located near these springs to be able to enjoy them whenever we want. However, not all of us are located next to these springs so that we can enjoy them whenever we want.
With today's technology, Softub spas offer the pleasure of bathing and relaxing in hot water right in your own home, indoors or even in an outdoor jacuzzi.

In addition to the benefits of splashing around in warm water. Softub spas add the benefits of hydromassage jets, intelligently placed to provide total body relaxation. It's a real balneotherapy centre in your own home.

Thanks to the combined system of hot water and massaging hydrojets, Softub spas have a relaxing and therapeutic effect. Immersing yourself in water between 28 and 40 degrees activates the blood circulation and the body, suspended in the water, relaxes completely. Stress is relieved and the mind and body are calmed.

Hydrotherapy with a spa as a beneficial therapeutic treatment

It is sometimes difficult to travel to a spa or to a specialised hydrotherapy institute. The treatments are expensive and you have to set aside half a day to go there and enjoy the treatment. To observe the benefits of these treatments, regularity is often required during the year.

Softub spas allow you to combine year-round care, proximity and a reasonable budget.

Effective and powerful massages

Softub's advanced technology is inspired by hydrotherapy. The adjustable, directional and individual massage jets can be adapted to the needs of each individual. You can choose between several programmes with different effects: hot, bubbling, gentle, toning... The body is massaged in a targeted manner thanks to the effective positioning of the jets, depending on the model.

Less pain and better health with hydrotherapy

Massages relieve tension in the body, ease back pain and ease the mind. The hot water complements these actions by naturally activating the body's immune system and stimulating blood circulation to bring about an overall improvement in health.
Sportsmen and women use spa sessions after training for better recovery. The stimulation of blood circulation by the heat dilates the blood vessels, which absorb more oxygen and evacuate the toxins accumulated during the effort.

The Softub pools used in regular hydromassage sessions alleviate pain for people suffering from rheumatism or osteoarthritis through the secretion of endorphins.

In addition, the immersion of the body in water reduces the weight by about 30%. By reducing the pressure in this way, disorders caused by inflammatory and rheumatic diseases are reduced.

Medical recommendations

From a medical point of view, balneotherapy sessions allow us to recover muscle tone and range of motion that we can only do with difficulty on land.
These sessions are recommended for people suffering from insomnia and the jets, whose trajectory can be adapted, can help with targeted applications to fight diabetes.

The use of chromatherapy

Spas are also equipped with coloured LEDs to combine chromatherapy with balneotherapy. Chromatherapy, or chromotherapy, contributes to the harmonization of well-being and personal development by using colours and the physical properties of light. Each colour represents a light vibration that acts either on the organs, the metabolism or the mind.
Softub pools have integrated LEDs in the pool structure, which can be adjusted to create different atmospheres and fully participate in your relaxation. The choice of colours ranges from soothing orange, invigorating blue, energising green and seven other colours with different properties.

The combination of these two therapies offers a real treat for body and soul. The many options offered by the pools in the Softub Spa range allow you to adapt the treatments and the desired atmosphere to your mood.

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