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Maintenance of the softub spa

  1. Does softub offer a home cleaning service?

    Yes, the softub@home department was created for this purpose.

    We provide various maintenance services for our customers:

    Water maintenance, water changes, filling the softub, delivery of products and accessories, maintenance of the engine block, etc. ....

    Our sales department will be happy to answer your questions and/or provide you with a quote.

  2. Functions of the spa cover ?

    Designed to cover the softub spa when not in use, the cover is a valuable, not to say indispensable, accessory.

    It greatly reduces clogging and heat loss. It should be borne in mind that more than 80% of the heat is lost through the surface of the water.

    The softub spa covers are a safety device for children, pets or .... They are also equipped with a safety code.

  3. Function of the filter cartridge ? and its maintenance ?

    A removable element placed in the softub spa, it is responsible for retaining impurities. Made from polyester fabric, it can be cleaned once a week with suitable products and replaced every year.

    It is indeed very difficult to keep water clean with a dirty and/or worn out filter.

    The cartridge cleaning products (filter net spray and cartrigde clean ultra) as well as the softub filter cartridges are available in our e-shop. 

  4. Why should you service your complete engine block every three years?

    The softub factory recommends that you take your engine to your dealer every three years for a complete check of the engine block, cleaning and replacement of some wearing parts.

    This avoids potential problems and allows you to enjoy your spa to the full.

    Softub is the only brand to offer this type of service because the technical block can be detached from the tank.

    We can also rent you a courtesy engine block for use during maintenance.

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