How to enjoy a Spa in winter?

With the onset of winter, temperatures are dropping and the urge to warm up is growing. Why not warm up in a spa in winter?

A little girl and her father in a softub spa in the mountains

Why not take the opportunity to have a spa?

Imagine yourself under the snow, warm in your jacuzzi. The view outside and the well-being provided by the bubbles will create a real moment of happiness.

Whether the spa is indoors or outdoors, the beneficial effects of its bubbles are sought after in winter for a relaxing and cocooning session. Softub's solid state spas have a chic design that makes for a successful installation that fits in with your surroundings.

Recognised resistance

The innovation of the Softub spas lies in its ultra-resistant outer cover. It is made of Leathertex, one of the materials used to cover boat seats. This ensures that it can withstand extreme conditions such as frost, heat and UV exposure and guarantees the durability of your spa. It is easy to maintain with the Spas4Ever range of products designed for this purpose.

For outdoor spas, the wood surround is made of cedar wood, one of the most expensive and durable woods, used extensively in Canada.

Uncompromising adaptability

Softub spas are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can be moved effortlessly thanks to their light weight and optimised structure. It can be easily placed with its stylish design in your garden, on your terrace, but also indoors in a veranda or basement. Simply plug it in and fill it with water.

A customisable style

Softub offers various enclosures for your spa in a variety of colours from beige to dark brown, green and blue. They offer a wide range of design options to suit your garden, terrace or interior. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary cover, we offer a range that can be adapted to any environment.

Enjoying your spa in winter with optimal energy efficiency and economy

The Softub uses a patented heat recovery technology called "Hydromate". It includes both the pump and the heater. This system is innovative in that it reuses the heat from the motor to heat the water through a serpentine pipe that runs around it.
The structure of the pool is insulated to keep the temperature constant and not to lose heat. The thermal protection that covers it is airtight. The Polybond synthetic foam of the seat has highly insulating properties, in addition to being soft, resistant and light.

The temperature is regulated by an electronic thermostat and remains constant day and night. You can bathe directly, without waiting and without prior preparation. The bath is accessible at any time and whenever you want.

In addition, the "Whisper" system gives Softub spas the advantage of being silent so that you can hold a conversation or enjoy total relaxation on your own, without noise pollution. Its round shape is designed to encourage conversation and normal, friendly conversation. The structure of the seats is made of very comfortable Polybond synthetic foam.

Instant water purification

Softub spas are equipped with an automatic ozone water purification system, called the "Ozonator", which allows for intensive cleaning. This purifier improves water quality by reducing the need for disinfectants, such as chlorine, by 50%.
Water quality is essential to get the most out of your spa. The system takes care of the cleaning itself and an external filter takes care of solid impurities. Once a week, you manually add a disinfectant from the Softub range. The Softub products offer a wide range of specific products for each cleaning stage.

Once you have finished bathing, you close the protective cover. Your outdoor hot tub can be accompanied by a cover to cover it completely and avoid too much maintenance.
The quality of the time spent in an outdoor hot tub, especially in winter, will enchant your daily life and you will benefit from hydrotherapy treatments at home all year round.

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