The benefits of an indoor spa

Are you looking for a cocooning moment? Would you like to enjoy the intimacy and calm of an institute without having to move? Why not install an indoor spa in your home?

The Softub spa inside a gite

No need to adjust your schedule or make an appointment with your institute long in advance. With an indoor spa, treat yourself to unlimited moments of relaxation at any time of the year!

A moment of well-being in complete privacy

Thermal cures are often overwhelmed by the number of patients who follow one another in a rhythmic and impersonal way.

With the models offered by Softub, you can enjoy a spa treatment at home by easily installing a spa. The pleasure of pampering yourself becomes accessible and affordable.

You can create your own comfort bubble at home without having to wait, regardless of the weather outside. You can be alone or with your partner, in complete privacy.

An advantage in everyday life

Having an indoor Jacuzzi will bring a touch of fantasy to your sometimes monotonous daily life with the arrival of the autumn and winter seasons. You will spend pleasant moments with your partner, in your bubble bath while sipping a glass and enjoying the benefits of the hydromassage jets. Or simply alone to relax after a busy day or during a rainy weekend.

You will create unique and unforgettable moments at home!

An indoor spa as a decorative accessory

The indoor whirlpool bath provides a touch of both well-being and decoration. The chic and pure design of the Softub range adapts to your desires and matches your interior decoration. A wide choice of colours will allow you to match your jacuzzi to your furniture.
You are giving back its usefulness to a space that has been abandoned. This is an opportunity to redecorate the room in your own way to create a place of well-being in your flat or house.

However, you should make sure that the size of the spa does not clutter the room to decorate it without overloading it.

A pleasant view from outside

With the installation of an indoor spa, you no longer have to take into account the climatic constraints of an unprotected outdoor spa. You can also enjoy the view from outside by installing your spa in a veranda or in front of a bay window.

You will also avoid external pollution that could dirty the water and require more regular maintenance and vigilance.

Improved health

The therapeutic benefits of the whirlpool bath, which prevent or relieve your aches and pains, will save you repeated sessions at the osteopath or spa. Your health budget is optimised by reducing the number of treatments in institutes, which often require a package of several sessions, in order to hope to have results.

Significant energy savings

With an indoor hot tub you save money, unlike an outdoor hot tub, because you don't have to keep it running all the time because of the risk of freezing.

Careful room design

The hot water and activity in the bubble bath generate moisture and heat. Air exchange in the room is important to maintain good air quality, but also for lung health.
The height of the ceiling should also be taken into account to avoid suffocation in the room and high humidity. Simply equip your room with good ventilation to enjoy your hot tub in peace and quiet and if necessary add a simple dehumidifier.

The floor must be watertight to prevent leakage or splashing of water during operation of the whirlpool or when getting wet.

The indoor spa has undeniable advantages and can be adapted to your needs. It is an investment that will enhance your home and enchant your daily life.

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