How to winterize your Softub spa?

by in Spa maintenance November 29, 2022

Softub®: disassembly in 8 steps

The Softub® can be used all year round without restriction outdoors, saving energy. Do you want to dismantle your spa before winter, because you are not using it for a long time or because
you are moving? In this guide you will find the 8 most important steps for an easy dismantling and
safe storage.


Drainthe Softub® spa completely
. Use
a submersible pump
if necessary.


the Hydromat (motor)
from the tank. Make sure to
also disconnect
the light plug.


Drain the water from the
pipes, tilting the
basin and the Hydromat
towards the fittings.


The Hydromat should
be stored in afrost-free environment
. Insert
rags in the
pipe connections.


Clean the basin and
dry it. To do this,
use a towel.


The pond can be
stored outside,
covered with the
cover and sheltered.


Use towels
wrapped between the
lid and the tank.
To ensure continuous air circulation


Keep the pipes of the
basin closed with
rags and the Softub®
clean from the outside
and from the inside.

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