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What is Softub?

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elegance and performance for your well-being

An oasis of relaxation

Designed to provide you with unforgettable, stress-free moments, the Softub spa is a space for rest and relaxation. It relieves the body and mind of daily tensions.

Spa Portable

Lightweight, easy to use and install, Softub® spas are unique in their mobility. The only truly portable spas that mean you are never restricted to a single location. All you need to power it is a power outlet and a garden hose.

Une eau pure pour votre spa

Via the "Ozonator", a water purification system, you can enjoy a clean pool every time you use it. The automatic ozone purification system offers an intensive and complementary programme.

Spa Silencieux

Thanks to its unique Whisper technology, Softub® spas are among the quietest spas on the market. So you can relax and unwind in peace.

Spa Élégant

Leather-look finishes, contemporary colours, practical accessories... Softub® spas offer a chic design, resolutely in tune with the times, adapting to all interior and exterior styles.

Spa avec Bienfaits thérapeutiques

Advanced, state-of-the-art technology with adjustable, directional and individual massage jets. You choose the programme and the desired effect, adapted to your personal needs (hot, bubbling, soft, toning...). A real therapy that can prevent health problems.

Spa à éfficatité énergétique

As a world leader in heat recovery technology, Softub® has developed an innovative system, the "Hydromate", which concentrates the pump and heater in one unit. Excess heat from the motor is recycled to heat the filtered water, reducing energy consumption to an absolute minimum.

Spa Flexible et confortable

The circular shape of the structure is designed to allow you to move around the spa easily. The rotary movement offers a myriad of possibilities. The highlight: the "PolybondTM " structure. Whether you are sitting or lying down, this soft, insulating, strong and light foam provides comfort. An incomparable softness that feels like a real cocoon.

Spa pour l'intérieur & extérieur

Softub® spas are free of all climatic constraints. In winter in your veranda, in summer in your garden or on your terrace... Extreme frost conditions, extreme heat, exposure to UV rays, the exterior covering in "Leathertex®", a material from the marine world, offers resistance to all tests and durability.

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Benefits of our spas

La Saint-Valentin dans un Softub ?

La Saint-Valentin approche à grands pas ! Cette journée spéciale est l’occasion idéale pour célébrer l’amour avec votre moitié. Si vous recherchez une activité romantique

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Merci à tous nos propriétaires de spas

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As expected, our spa is always ready, at the right temperature and with the minimum consumption announced. Ideal to end the day and relax before going to sleep
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We have had our spa for 5 years now, it is reliable and comfortable, we are delighted. The preventive maintenance service is also very good and avoids any bad surprises.
Read more
It was a pleasure, the service from the softub team was very professional and friendly, the product was reliable, and the instructions for use were precise. We were enjoying our investment
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Used all year round, the winter period remains magical with minimum consumption as advertised by the dealer. Our grandchildren are also happy to let off steam in the cushioned spa.
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We use our spa 3 to 4 times a week following the customised massage programme offered by Softub. We are delighted with the service, the product and the ease of maintenance with the connection of the water treatment on our phone. We should have installed one much earlier, what a pleasure!
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After much consideration, pool or spa, we opted for the softub spa, and we don't regret it. We enjoy it all year round with our children and grandchildren. It's a corner of happiness for the family. Everyone enjoys it.
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The access to our terrace was very difficult, so after searching several brands for a suitable model, we came across the softub spa brand. The spa fit through the doors and its light structure allowed the installation of our elevated terrace next to our room. Great and very easy. All we needed to plug it in was a simple power point.
Jean-Pierre M.
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Bravo to the whole team, very professional! The Softub is great, practical and functional. We installed it on our terrace and it's great. It's a great product and I think it's a great value for money.

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